Saturday, November 20, 2010

christmas cards?

So my mom asked me about a month ago if I wanted to do Christmas cards this year since I'm married now, but I was like eh, no that's for people with kids. But then when I ran into Bro. Kempton (he was in the high council and assigned to my singles ward just before we got married) at the institute this week, I realized there's lots of people that mean a lot to us that we don't get to see hardly ever anymore and it would be cute to send Christmas cards to those people. Plus, I've been dying to do a cute fall photo shoot with Jeff. Sooo if anyone knows an awesome photographer who does photo sessions for relatively cheap, send their info my way :) I wish we could ask Jeff's best friends' mom to do pictures for us since she did an amazing job on our engagements, but we won't be able to go to California til Christmas. Which I'm kind of freaked out about after reading a friend's blog and reading up on the TSA security measures. I hate the idea of spending Christmas day in the car which is why I just booked our flight out there, but I'm hoping that maybe by Christmas, the government will listen to everyone's protests to being basically molested by the TSA for security. Doubtful. Let's just hope I can keep my temper in check that day...


  1. They only molest you if you opt out of the free 'photo session' :)

  2. hahah yes and the photo session is almost as pervy.