Saturday, November 20, 2010

christmas cards?

So my mom asked me about a month ago if I wanted to do Christmas cards this year since I'm married now, but I was like eh, no that's for people with kids. But then when I ran into Bro. Kempton (he was in the high council and assigned to my singles ward just before we got married) at the institute this week, I realized there's lots of people that mean a lot to us that we don't get to see hardly ever anymore and it would be cute to send Christmas cards to those people. Plus, I've been dying to do a cute fall photo shoot with Jeff. Sooo if anyone knows an awesome photographer who does photo sessions for relatively cheap, send their info my way :) I wish we could ask Jeff's best friends' mom to do pictures for us since she did an amazing job on our engagements, but we won't be able to go to California til Christmas. Which I'm kind of freaked out about after reading a friend's blog and reading up on the TSA security measures. I hate the idea of spending Christmas day in the car which is why I just booked our flight out there, but I'm hoping that maybe by Christmas, the government will listen to everyone's protests to being basically molested by the TSA for security. Doubtful. Let's just hope I can keep my temper in check that day...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

break times

So I've had a crazy couple of weeks and decided to give myself a break for a few I actually have time to blog for a minute haha. I spent pretty much every waking moment (after classes) working on my 25 page brief for my writing class and I finally completely finished it yesterday...bound and everything (which was an ordeal in and of itself). And for added stress, I had nine interviews this week for a legal writing internship. It was completely exhausting trying to keep conversations going when all you're tlaking about is work. But hopefully now I'm an expert on interviews and maybe I'll actually get a job out of it. I'm just glad this crazy week is over so next week I can start my 15 page paper for a different class. Law school is sooo incredibly fun..

On a better note, Jeff and I went to Sprinkles and I'm so excited to eat them. Seriously the best cupcakes ever. It took us like 20 minutes of waiting in line to get them but it's totally worth it.

I'm starting to have second thoughts about our apartment security because someone keeps ripping into our Netflix movies. The last three movies we got, the envelope was all ripped up and taped back together. Luckily they were movies that were older so we still got them. But this time we rented Robin Hood that just came out a couple weeks ago so whoever's been ripping into our movies decided it was interesting enough to steal. And yet they were dumb enough to leave behind part of the envelope so we know that someone stole it. Don't really understand their logic but I guess idiots don't really think. I'd love to find out who's doing it and I will definitely get them into tons of trouble.
Anyways, here's a couple pictures from the last couple of weeks' activities: