Sunday, February 13, 2011

catching up!

So clearly I am the laziest blogger ever since it's been months...and I haven't uploaded any new pictures to my computer so that will have to be saved until next time (even though the pictures themselves are like three months old haha). It's been a crazy busy couple of months! December was nice because I actually got to relax for once. I was supposed to take a winter class but my husband talked me out of it so we'd actually be able to enjoy our vacation and I'm so glad I decided not to. We got to spend a lot of time with our friends, and spend a week in California that we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. And since we did, we got to go to DISNEYLAND! for free! Jeff's uncle works at Disneyland and since I've been dating Jeff, this was the second time I got to go with him for free so that is pretty exciting. His little brother David came with us too and it was fun for us all to spend the day with him because he is now GONE on his mission! I think it hasn't really hit Jeff yet because we're not there, but I'm sure the next time we go to visit he will really be missing his brother. I know I did, but then again I only had one sibling and Jeff has seven..haha.

We had a week after our Cali trip to get ready for school in January so we lived it up by sleeping in late everyday and doing nothing but play. This is Jeff's first semester back in school since he started dating me since he had to give up BYU to date me without the long-distance factor. I'm glad it worked out for us! He is working really hard and I almost feel like he has more homework than I do! School is just as stressful as ever for me though since I added an externship to the mix, so I go downtown to the Court of Appeals 3 times a week and my days consist of reading long briefs and writing nice little drafts about them. Reading all that gives me a little taste of why people think attorneys are so obnoxious...because they are haha. But I am loving it, I am learning a LOT about different areas of law that I was previously clueless about.

Last weekend, we made a quick little trip to California because it was Jeff's last chance to see his little bro. We had fun with his family going to a play to watch his super talented little sister Stacie. And then on Sunday morning we got to see his brother set apart as an Elder. It was really cool because the stake president had them do a mini-testimony meeting that was really great. I just thought it was funny that his immediate family was big enough to do that. If we did one with my family it would probably only last five minutes since there's only four of us. 

Well I will post some pictures next of our Valentine's gifts (which we already both know what they are, haha we are lame and bad at keeping secrets). 


  1. You guys are seriously so cute! I really hope you guys are enjoying school and still having sanity! :-) We would LOVE to have you out sometime for dinner. We've all disconnected so much and I miss our fun family memories. :-( Time for some new ones! Love you!

  2. hahah oh thanks cuz! i know we definitely should i feel like i only see you once in a blue moon! miss you! hope youre having an easier pregnancy this time around :)