Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Fever

Jeff's birthday is tomorrow and we've been celebrating his birthday pretty much all week.  He told me that one of his companions in Japan (Ando, I think) had his birthday around the same time as Jeff when they were together and he said they were going to have "birthday fever" (in his Japanese accent) and I thought it was really cute and the phrase has caught on to everything we did this week.  We had yakiniku (Japanese bbq) for dinner on Wednesday night cuz it's Jeff's favorite and on Thursday we had Japanese squash (another of his faves) followed by a Vampire Diaries watching party at Ken's (cuz it's our new addiction).  

We both had Friday off so we decided to go to the AZ State Fair.  I thought I was going to die on the crappy little roller coaster ride we went in and I literally felt like I was about to fly out of the seat, but it was still a lot of fun.  We played a bunch of carnie games and I won a little turtle stuffed animal that was neon green and orange and Jeff kept telling me it was ugly.  I think he was just jealous that I won haha.  

Since we were already halfway to Glendale, we decided to go to Cabela's and check out some guns.  We've been wanting one for a while just in case someone breaks into our apartment...or if the world ends anytime soon.  I decided to let Jeff buy one cuz it was "birthday fever" and he was so excited about it that we had to take it out shooting today.  Ken came with us and we drove all the way out almost to Apache Junction to an outdoor shooting range.  I've never been to a shooting range so it kinda freaked me out how loud it was.  The boys had fun of course-I did too except I felt like everyone was talking to me like I didn't know what I was doing (which I didn't but still...). Maybe next time I'll wear camo instead of stilletto boots so I don't look like an airhead..

Birthday Fever continued as we went to Outback for dinner and ate our bloomin' onion in like less than five minutes. Sooo good. The steaks were good too but we kinda slowed down by then.  Jeff was really takin advantage of the whole birthday fever thing all week since we went out to eat probably five or six times and he got everything he wanted (including a huge bag of Dibs that we're about to eat right now). I told him he was a prima donna birthday boy. Anyways, two more hours til his official birthday and I'm too excited to give him his birthday present so he's getting it right at midnight. I can't wait to see his reaction haha.  Hopefully I'll get some pictures up from this weekend soon!

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